While the construction industry has not been known for being environmentally friendly, we understand that it just makes sense to incorporate sustainable construction practices into our work. We help our clients find balance between sustainability and cost in every phase of the construction process.

There are things we do every day on the job to put these beliefs into action. From reusing concrete from demolished structures as select fill and road base to diverting from landfills 97 % of waste generated at a retail expansion– we are taking steps wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. As a company, we seek opportunities to support environmental sustainability and implement attainable green goals for all projects. The end goal for all is efficiency that positively affects the bottom line and treads lightly on our fragile environment.

We strive to make Far West Contractors an ever more sustainable company through improved corporate governance and more rigorous and transparent reporting of environmental metrics.

Customer’s building programs supported by LEED best practice enhances our ability to deliver these goals:

• Reduced operating costs •
• Conservation of natural resources •
• Optimized equipment life-cycle •
• Enhanced occupant comfort and health •
• Increased productivity •
• Improved air and water quality •
• Reduced waste •