Quality Management Program & Communication Plan

Far West Contractors Corp Quality Control Program outlines Far West’s corporate quality assurance and quality control policies on construction projects.


The Objective of the Program is to:

1. Ensure that Far West projects meet or exceed the
quality standards established by our customers.

2. Ensure that we deliver quality services to our customers
while creating a competitive market advantage.

3. Provide direction to all project participants regarding
our quality standards, and procedures.
Far West’s Quality Control Commitee reviews and updates
this program periodically.

Far West employees are required to implement the quality practices addressed in the Quality Management Program. All employees are expected to act responsibly and in accordance with these quality processes to promote the professional integrity of Far West Contractors and to improve Far West’s customer service.

Many of the steps required in this Quality Management Program go beyond Far West’s contractual obligations. While nothing in this manual may be read to expand such obligations, following the procedures described here should help ensure that Far West exceeds its contract obligations, and meets its goal of successfully completing projects while exceeding client expectations.

Quality Management Program and Communication Plan

  • Objectives
  • Minimize construction defects from occurring
  • Ensure work conforms to contract documents and functional performance requirements
  • Perform contractually required inspections and tests in a timely manner
  • Perform relevant inspections/observations as defined by the approved construction inspection checklists
  • Strive for a zero punch-list at substantial completion
  • Minimize rework during the course of construction
  • Minimize final punch list
  • Ensure warranties are preserved
  • Ensure Superintendents leave a clean and orderly jobsite at the end of every day. If they do not have a laborer to help, they must clean the site themselves.

Project-Specific Quality Management Plans

Far West’s project team shall prepare a Project-Specific Quality Management Plan patterned after the Far West Quality Management Program. Teams are encouraged to seek input from the owner, design team, and other project teams when developing their plan.

Far West’s project team is responsible for reviewing and ensuring the project-specific plan complies with the quality assurance and quality control criteria specified in the Far West/owner contract.

Modification of the business unit template cannot occur with-out approval of the Quality Steering Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Quality Steering Committee:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the program
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and recommend appropriate corrective measures
  • Keep abreast of construction industry quality issues and trends
  • Establish quality-related metrics that measure Far West’s performance relative to the industry by surveying the client at the end of each project
  • Review quality-related issues and lessons learned
  • Monitor compliance with this program

Responsibilities of Far West’s Project Team

  • Prepare and implement a Project-Specific Quality Management Plan
  • Serve in a quality assurance role by requiring that quality control inspections, testing, and documentation are performed
  • Far West Project Managers are the designated quality representatives
  • Identify project-specific quality requirements
  • Modify (if necessary) inspection checklists to the specific project requirements
  • Communicate with third-party inspectors, building code officials, owner and design consultants, and each subcontractor’s (all tiers) site quality representatives
  • Maintain current submittal, submittal logs, drawings, specifications and record drawings in the field
  • Collect, organize, and maintain project quality documentation. This includes photos and videos, and inspection and testing plan, an inspection and testing log, and other metrics that comprise quality management key performance indicators

Responsibilities of Subcontractors

Nothing in this Manual relieves subcontractors from their independent contractual obligation to take all steps necessary to ensure quality control and assurance. Far West is relying on subcontractors, as the experts in their respective trades, to determine and advise Far West if additional or different steps are necessary under the circumstances at hand to avoid defective construction and ensure quality within the applicable scope of work. In general, however, Far West believes that the steps described here should assist in achieving successful results, subject to necessary subcontractor input.

  • Adhere to the requirements of Far West’s Project-Specific Quality Management Plan as it applies to the subcontractor’s scope of work within the binding contract
  • Subcontractor shall submit the name of a site quality representative and ensure that person is present at all times the subcontractor is performing work on site
  • Participate in Far West’s Zero Defect Program
  • Require that subcontractors of all tiers meet the same quality requirements that the first-tier subcontract is contractually required to meet. The first-tier subcontractor should manage the sub-tier quality in the same manner as Far West oversees and manages first-tier subcontractors.
  • Maintain a copy, in the field, of the subcontract, each approved submittal, shop drawing, and any manufacturer’s installation instructions for their scope of work

Quality Activities

Preconstruction Quality Activities

Preconstruction activities are those performed prior to commencing work on the jobsite. Preconstruction activities often involve decisions that affect constructability and quality.

Far West will coordinate its preconstruction services with the owner, architect, project consultant, key subcontractors, and others as required.

The following are the most common preconstruction activities:

  • Design peer reviews
  • Constructability reviews
  • Review of plans and specifications
  • Documenting existing conditions
  • Samples, submittals, and procurement
  • Subcontractor pre-qualification
  • Material receiving at jobsite

Construction Quality Activities

Roles and Responsibilities for Project Quality Control

Subcontractors associated with putting the work in place on a project shall bear the responsibility of managing the quality of their work. The work shall be done in a fashion that will meet or exceed the quality standards set forth in the Project-Specific Quality Management Plan and the project requirements set forth in the plans and specifications.

All work shall be subject to approval by the Far West project team, owner, architect, consultants, manufacturer’s recommendations, and any other governing body having jurisdiction.

Quality Control Administration

Inspections and tests of the work are required on a regular basis to ensure conformance with the quality of materials, fit, finish, tolerances, workmanship, function and performance as defined by the contract documents. Every subcontractor’s site quality representative will be assigned the tasks to complete the required inspections.

Workmanship Inspections

Far West’s project team will seek to ensure that subcontractors are utilizing and completing their approved construction inspection checklists. Subcontractors are responsible for ensuring that their sub-tier subcontractors are utilizing and completing their approved inspection checklists.

Far West will provide subcontractors a copy of the inspection checklists associated with their scope of work. Subcontractors will be asked to propose additions or modifications based on each project’s specific requirements and their own work-related experience relative to these checklists. Final project inspection checklists will be approved by Far West’s project team.

Any non-conforming work discovered through the inspection pro-cess must be rectified immediately by the responsible subcontractor. Once the non-conforming work is corrected, all parties involved will reinspect and approve the work. The inspection timing and methods are outlined below.


Far West’s project team will maintain timely records of quality control activities, inspections, and tests. The subcontractor’s site quality representative will do the same for their quality control activities, inspections, and tests. From time to time, Far West’s PM will call for an inspection of both Far West’s and the subcontractors quality.

Inspection and Testing Log

All inspections and tests will be performed as contractually mandated.

Pre-Punch List

Near the completion of all work or any increment thereof, each site quality representative will conduct an inspection of their work and develop a work completion list. The Far West project team will verify that the list is complete and note any additional items to be added to the work list. Each subcontractor will immediately complete the listed items to the satisfaction of Far West’s project team.


Once Far West’s project team has determined that all work completion lists are complete to their satisfaction and the project is ready for a final punch list, this completed work list can be presented to the owner/architect, a formal punch-list process would ensue, in which case the Far West Team would:

  • Verify acceptance criteria in contract document
  • Recognize the item in question as a non-conformance item
  • Arrange for immediate involvement of the subcontractor that is responsible for the punch list item
  • Complete the work in a timely fashion
  • Reinspect the corrected work
  • Call for final validation from owner/architect


A completed closeout process is key to delivering a quality project. The Far West team and the responsible subcontractors will complete the following items concurrent with the punch-list:

  • Final system testing
  • System operation and sequence verification
  • Ensure operation and maintenance manuals are in place
  • Delivery of record drawings and warranties
  • Instruction and training procedures
  • Delivery and receipt of “attic” stock and extra keys/locking devices(if applicable)

Quality Control Program

The Three Phases of Quality Control

Construction quality is a result of effective planning, coordination, communication, supervision, and testing. By following these steps, Far West’s teams will plan, schedule, and install work in an orderly consistent fashion that minimizes rework.

Far West’s quality control program follows the United States Army Corps of Engineers proven method of Quality Control implementation by adhering to the phases listed below:

  1. Preparatory Phase (prior to work starting)
  2. Initial Phase (when work starts)
  3. Follow-Up Phase (as work continues)

Far West’s project team and it’s subcontractors of every tier, will use the following templates:

Preparatory Phase Templates

  • Project Management Plan Meeting
  • Subcontractor Pre-Mobilization Meeting
  • Subcontractor Coordination Meeting
  • First Work-In Place Meeting
  • Inspection Checklists

Preparatory Phase Meeting

All Far West project team members are required to attend the project management kick off and planning meeting. This meeting takes place prior to the actual commencement of work. In some situations, the complete Far West team may not be available during this meeting. At least a project manager, project superintendent, or project engineer should be in attendance. Assignments of responsibility will be made for each team member at this meeting.

Initial Phase Meeting

Prior to the start of any work on site, Far West’s project team will hold a pre-mobilization meeting with the subcontractors that will perform work. This pre-mobilization meeting will be conducted by Far West’s project superintendent. Attendance to this meeting is mandatory for:

  • The subcontractor project manager
  • The subcontractor project superintendent or foreman
  • The subcontractor site quality representative

The items for discussion in the pre-mobilization meeting are found in the project specific pre-mobilization checklist.

Follow-Up Phase

Attendance to this meeting is mandatory for:

  • The Far West project team member that will oversee the associated scope of work
  • The subcontractor site quality representative
  • Representation from each subcontractor tier that will be involved in the process

The first Follow-Up Phase process occurs in two phase:

  1. In the first meeting, the subcontractor crew and the Far West team review the project quality requirements and the plan on how to meet those requirements. They also identify a specific location to perform the first work to take place. The scope will be limited, allowing appropriate time to inspect the work, scrutinize the quality, and agree on any remedial process required.
  2. Once the first phase is complete, the subcontractor crew will commence installation of the limited scope in the pre-determined location. After installation is complete, the Far West and subcontractor site quality representatives will review the first follow-up phase.

If the work does not meet all requirements, the crew will address the issue. The subcontractor is not authorized to continue with the rest of the work until all quality requirements are met in the first work-in-place meeting.

At any time, if a crew is assigned to the project or if the specified quality requirements have not been met, another first preparatory meeting and inspection will be held.

Ongoing Inspections

Inspections will be performed utilizing the appropriate inspection checklist for the activity.

The objectives for ongoing inspections/observations are to:

  • Ensure work continues to conform to the contract document specifications.
  • Verify required tests and inspections are being performed by the PM. The PM will inspect the jobsite and ensure the QC checklists are being completed daily
  • Identify non-conforming or deficient work and ensure that corrective action follows.
  • Verify the work is taking place safely and efficiently

100% Material Verification

All material received at the jobsite will be checked for strict compliance to contract documents. This is the primary responsibility of the subcontractor that is furnishing and installing the material. All subcontractor inspection checklists require a “yes” response confirming that the material meets the project requirements. The Far West project team should verify that subcontractors are following the material verification process.

Throughout the ongoing inspections and observations, Far West’s project team should continue to verify that approved materials are being installed. Unapproved material substitutions can easily occur if not monitored on a regular basis.

Zero Defect Program

Objectives for Far West’s Zero Defect Program:

  • Complete all scopes of work with zero punch list items at the time of substantial completion.
  • Correct outstanding non-conforming work immediately or within a reasonable amount of time, so as not to delay current and/or subsequent activities as tracked in the project schedule.

It is Far West’s goal to obtain 100% buy-n from its subcontractors of all tiers in implementing the Zero Defect Program.

The Far West team will schedule time for project tours specifically designed to focus on quality during the progression of the work. Far West and subcontractor site quality representatives should be invited to attend these tours and are encouraged to provide meaningful feedback. Owners, architects, and consultants should also be encouraged to attend these quality project tours. It is important that all parties involved in the project have similar quality expectations.

Photo Documentation

Photographs are an integral part of documenting the quality on a project. Most often, owners require some photo documentation during the construction process. Far West’ photo documentation procedure covers both confirming and non-conforming work.

Far West’s photo documentation guidelines are as follows:

  • Take digital photos at regular intervals
  • Be sure to photograph from several viewpoints and use the
  • same viewpoints when reasonable
  • If the scale of a photo will not be clear to others, include an
  • object or scale in the picture for reference
  • Photos of non-conforming work will be elevated to an issue. The responsible subcontractor must participate to remediate the issue. Photos are then required to illustrate adequate correction has taken place

Meetings and Documentation

Below are a list of meetings and corresponding documents from the Far West Management Manual.

  • Project Management Plan (PMP) – Internal Far West meeting with assignments for each team member associated with project set up i.e.. the PM, Superintendent and Project Engineer
  • Pre-Award—prior to award of subcontract, this subcontractor interview is meant to review scope and verify subcontractor capabilities
  • Pre-Mobilization—Meeting with subcontractor after award of subcontract and prior to subcontractor mobilizing on site
  • Site-Specific Quality Control Orientation—Mandatory orientation for all personnel who will frequent the project site
  • First Work-in-Place—Meeting and inspection for review and approval of first work in place prior to balance of subcontractor’s scope