Our relationship with the client does not end when the construction is complete. We continue to serve the client post construction.

  • Execution of inspections, testing, and functional performance procedures performed during commissioning process.
  • Provide all equipment, tools, materials, and qualified Commissioning Team personnel required to complete functional performance tests.
  • Make needed repairs, calibrations, and adjustments to bring systems up to full acceptance levels.
  • Solicit cooperation from equipment vendors for the purpose of training of Operations Staff.
  • Provide accurate and complete Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals, Preventive Maintenance Manuals, and Training Manuals.


Commissioning is a systematic process of ensuring building systems perform interactively according to design intent and the Owner’s operational needs. The commissioning process encompasses and coordinates traditionally separate functions of system documentation, equipment startup, control system calibration, testing and balancing, performance testing and training. The success of the commissioning process is directly proportional to the quality and implementation of the Commissioning Plan. Commissioning is a team effort and full cooperation within the team is essential. Although it is preferable to start the commissioning process during the design phase, implementation during the construction phase can be very successful. Understanding and accepting roles and responsibilities of individual Commissioning Team members are critical.


Training will be provided for the Building Operations Staff in order to allow the proper function of building systems. The project engineers will jointly develop the Training Program and will plan and schedule formal training with the Owner’s operations personnel.

During or prior to Training, the following will be provided to the Owner:

  • Approved training plan
  • Approved O&M manuals
  • Functionally operational systems


Far West Contractors is proud of each and every building we construct, and we stand by our product. If there is a construction issue once the building has been occupied, we encourage our clients to contact us immediately to remedy the issue.