Secured Facilities

A SCIF is an accredited area, room, building, or installation where sensitive information may be stored, used, discussed, and electronically processed. At Far West Contractors, we are experienced at building installations that include personnel access control to eliminate entry by unauthorized personnel. Physical security protection for a SCIF is intended to prevent visual, acoustical, technical, and physical access by unauthorized persons. Security criteria vary according to the following conditions: closed storage, open storage, continuous operations, and secure working area. Here are the things to consider when building a SCIF:


SCIF installations contain multiple layers of metal and insulating materials. Generally these materials lock together to be impenetrable.


Multi-layered construction helps block electromagnetic radiation (EMI/RFI). TEMPEST options are also available.


Embedded sound-masking and acoustical controls exceed government standards.

Far West Contractors is an experienced design builder of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). These facilities are typically built for the government and/or government contractors. They are used for storage and dissemination of sensitive information.

We cannot publish pictures or go into detail about particular SCIFs we have constructed. In general, a SCIF will be constructed depending on the end user’s requirements and the type of information that will be contained within its perimeter.

Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs) designed and built by Far West Contractors meet or exceed the following criteria JAFAN 6/9, STC 45 sound group 3, for perimeter walls and door assemblies, Security hardware per government specifications FFL-2740A, TEMPEST (When required), and other site-specific government agency directives and specifications.

For information regarding your Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) contact Far West Contractors at 714-636-8744