Far West Contractors Corp. is a full service general
contracting firm. Our business strategy is straightforward: 
deliver a high-quality project on time and on budget.

We are uniquely qualified to provide a wide range of construction services, including:

  • Design/Build — Design/Bid
  • Tenant Improvement Build Outs and Relocations
  • Aerospace / Defense Expertise
  • STC / SAR / SAP / JAFAN Construction
  • Office / Manufacturing / Laboratory / Cleanrooms
  • Hospital OSHPD Experience
  • Project Planning, Scheduling and Management
  • On Site Facilities / Maintenance Support


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We recognize that our clients engage in high visibility, fast track projects that require close coordination. Many of our clients' projects are planned and executed within facilities that are occupied and engaged in ongoing critical operations. We emphasize the need to constantly monitor and update field schedule, document field cost/changes and immediately notify the client representative in writing before proceeding with deviations to approved drawing plans or client approved budget. This constant communication and documentation procedure ensures look-ahead and transparency of client schedule and critical budget.


Our goal is to generate sufficient thought, insight, and communication that the big picture of the project is well understood by all project participants. This is where we ensure a good foundation for the project.


During the construction phase, we continue to work closely with the owner, architect and all subcontractors to ensure that a project stays on schedule and under budget.


Our relationship with the client does not end when the construction is complete. We continue to serve the client post construction. This includes execution of inspections, testing, and functional performance procedures performed.


Our clients demand safety and security—and Far West Contractors Corp delivers. Our firsthand experience in maintaining and managing job site security and safety is an integral part of the construction expertise we offer.


We are committed to green building and sustainability. We emphasize education and training for all of our staff, and work to improve our ability to deliver green buildings to our clients.


For more information about our experience, services, or how we can help you, please contact us today. We can discuss your project and create a timeline and estimates for work to be completed.